Yamaha C3 Acoustic Piano, MiniMoog, Access Virus, Korg Triton, Korg 01/W, DX7, DX7 II, JX8P, M-audio Axiom 25, Akai CD3000 XL, Korg Wave Station S/R, Oberheim Matrix1000, Proteus1/ Plus Orchestral. 


  • Pearl "ALL BIRCH SHELL" 
    1 Bass Drum 22 “ PEARL 
    1 Snare Drum LUDWIG 14” VINTAGE 
    1 Snare Drum PEARL MASTER STUDIO 14 “ 
    1 Snare Drum PEARL SUPERHOOP 
    1 Tom 12” PEARL, 1 Tom 13” PEARL, 1 Tom 14” PEARL, 1 Floor Tom 16”  PEARL 
  • Plats: 
    1 Medium Hit Hat ( 14”) PAISTE 2002, 1 Ride 20” PAISTE 2002, 1 Crash/Ride 16” PAISTE RUDE. 6 Cymbal stands , 1 Hit Hat stand , 1 BassDrum Pedal, 1 Snare Stand, 1 Drum Chair.
  • Percusió: Shakers, Tambourines, 2 Congas “Campos”.


  • Elèctriques
    Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe StratPlus 97(Lindy Fralin Blue Special Pickups), Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe StratPlus 97(Lace Sensor Pickups), Fender U.S.'52 Vintage Telecaster, Fender 40 aniversary Telecaster , Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Burns BHM 1192, Guild M75-T DeArmon.
  • Acústiques
    Martin & Co J12-65(12 strings) , Takamine 6 Strings EN-30C, Takamine 6 strings EF-508C.

Fender Jazz Bass 

Vox AC30 (Speakers Blue Alnico), Fender Bassman 59 with 4x12, Fender Twin Reverb Silver Face ,Marshall JCM800 Lead Series Model 2210, ´77 Marshall JMP, Mesa Boogie Caliber +, Ampeg SVT-VR, Traynor YRM-1 Reverb Master, Fargen Mini Plex, Fender Delux 90.

Speaker Cabinets 
Orange Cabinet 70´s 4x12 (4 x 12" Celestion G12H-75) , Marshall JCM900 1960A 4x12 Cabinet (Speakers G12T-75) , Ampeg Cabinet 70´s 4x12 , Sinmarc Model B -2412 4x12 Cabinet

Pedals Efectes
CryBaby Jim Dunlop USA Bass, Cry Baby GCB-5 Jim Dunlop USA Guitar, Vox V847 Wah Wah Pedal, Boss: Tremolo TR-2, Digital Delay DD-7, Flanger BF-2, Super OverDriveSD-1, Dual OverDrive SD-2, Over Drive/Distortion OS-2, Bass Synthesizer SYB-3, Bass Parametric Equalizer PQ-3B. EBS: Bass IQ, Unichorus, Multicomp. The Paisley, RAT, Zia Drive, Full Drive 2 Mosfet FullTone, MXR Distortion +, Booster Seymour Duncan, Kaoss Pad, Flanger Music Son FLG-2, Boss ME-5 Multiple Fx, Loop Bone Tone Bone Radial, Boss Digital Chorus Ensemble RCE-10, Marshal JMP1, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal ,Korg XVP10 Volume/Expression Pedal, Roland EV-5, Yamaha Damper Pedal.


Alan Smart Guitar DI, Radial JD7,Morley, Yamaha Line Selector, 4 DI BSS.